Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Duo Of Geeks

I want to put off writing about the photos for a moment to make way for a bit of soliloquy (or whatever it is poets label the act of talking to one's own self without giving heed to listeners). I've been pondering all day (and apparently I am not yet done pondering) why most men think that women who try to dress up or attempt to prettify themselves are out to get their attention.

I mean seriously?

Not all women who like to dress up are desperate for attention. Not all of them would like men to drop by their haunches and worship the very pavement that they tread on. Not all women like men to pant after them like a lovesick puppy while they walk by.

Trust me when I say that about 80% of women who like to dress up actually dress up for themselves.

For themselves, you hear me? Not for men.

Most women who are not just into fashion but also into style like dressing up and styling what they are wearing because they want to channel their creativity.

They like to dress up because it makes them feel good inside. And when they feel good inside, it makes their world a better place to live in. It promotes positivity and good vibes--at least until someone insinuates that they are trying to make themselves look good for the sole purpose of attracting the attention of men.

Jeez. You and your monumental ego.

Okay, before I verbally clobber someone senseless, I might as well talk about the photos.

This be my friend Jemalyn who is in town for a few weeks of vacay. We've been scouring for a quiet, private (we being anti-socials) resort where we can hang out some time this weekend.

We decided to check out a private resort recommended by my sister. We surmised it is owned by a politician judging from the red plate on the car parked in the owner's garage nearby.

The place, although still fairly new and with a lot more improvements to be made, is already breathtaking as it is - at least for me since I have always been fond of breezy, mountainy, close-to-nature places. I'm not really such a huge fan of beaches, though I live close to the beach.

One day I'll probably regret that I have been taking the beach of granted. But I guess for now, I'll have to indulge my love for flowers, trees and grass.

Forgive the overexposed photos, yet again. Photographer wasn't in the mood to photograph or whatever so he didn't go the extra mile in tweaking the camera's settings so there you go...

I'm cross right now so you are probably not in good company. A couple of people (probably) unwittingly and unintentionally made my day a bit trying. And all I want to do right now is crawl like a wounded bear to my bed, bury my head under a pillow, prop my leg on my bolster and just forget the world.


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