Saturday, July 30, 2011

Waiting For Someone To Go Out Of His Way For Me

I have it on great authority that when your immune system is down, the blues starts kicking in. It's as if the world has conspired to torture you. You start to develop a severe case of allergic reaction to the universe. You start to wonder why you even bother waking up in the morning.

But then your human instinct finds its way out and you still get off that alluring bed of yours to face the world and all its misfortunes and ugliness head-on. And then you start to read all these positive quotes on whatever social media you are using. This and that philosopher is telling you to stop being such a waste of space, get up and do something productive.

And you wonder why you get the feeling that everyone else has the perfect life.

This is probably why blogging is such a balm to the spirit. Blogging allows you to be vulnerable - to show the side of you that for some reason you have been masking in other social media platforms.

And these days, I wonder why only a meager few are receptive. And why only a few people are attuned to each other.

And you can watch all the protagonist-saves-damsel-in-distress movies and dramas but reality sinks in and bludgeons you with the realization that nobody is going to save you. You have to be your own hero.

I've been sick as a dog since yesterday. And here I was thinking I am safe from all sorts of disease-causing viruses considering I don't go out that much. But apparently, my immune system has not been in its best condition these past few weeks.

This is probably why I am anything but coherent today.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brain Fatigue Gets The Better Of Me

22 episodes of Charmed, 16 episodes of Dream High, 22 episodes of Nikita and 15 episodes of City Hunter later, I emerge from my self-inflicted blog hibernation. I have been too lazy to take decent photos these days. And when I do feel a bit inspired, either the weather or the camera is not cooperating! And even now when I have something to post, blogger is not working properly! Everything is ganging up on me so I won't get to post this photo-heavy, self-indulgent post.

But now that I am back, I'm going to torture you with a slew of photos which feature only one person-me! ha! You should have seen that coming.

So anyway, I have been busy with work and my recent reconciliation with K-dramas. After ogling over the characters of Dream High for a few weeks, I finally snapped out of my DH addiction long enough to move on to another series. City Hunter has been occupying my days and nights.

Having sat through 22 episodes of Nikita, I must say Yun Seong, a.k.a City Hunter, is sorely lacking in stealth skills. To say that he is a Hunter is a bit of a misnomer considering the Prosecutor is doing a better job hunting him. His fighting skills are above par (and the only time he redeems himself) but more often than not, he botches up his plans with his carelessness.

I mean seriously City Hunter, you can't just walk into a building with lots of guards and expect to walk away unscathed. You can't just walk into a vault full of cash without locking the door first and expect that nobody is waiting for you to come out and catch you off guard. The first thing your mentor should have taught you is to watch your freakin' back! Heck, that's the rule of the thumb in most spy missions! The enemies got to you more than once because you were not watching your back!

You didn't even give the Prosecutor much of a challenge. Unwittingly, you were dropping clues on his path like Blue scatters paw prints all over the house. You could learn a thing or two from Nikita. Nikita could kick your ass without even batting an eyelash. And she can outwit you a thousand times. Your spy skills, or lack thereof, is grating on my nerves.

Forgive me for digressing and indulging in this irrelevant soliloquy. I haven't had a decent conversation with myself for the longest time. So humor me for a moment.

This is not to say that City Hunter is not worth your time. Or your bandwidth. It is actually good. If there's anything Koreans are good at, it is weaving interesting romance plots. Watching Yun Seong and Na Na repeatedly try to save and comfort each other is like placing make-shift butterflies in my stomach. They are so cute together, I can't even...

Anyhow, thanks to everyone who has been keeping track of this blog. I don't really expect anyone to be at the edges of their seats waiting for my next blog post but apparently, a lot of people in the blogosphere (and some friends! :) )actually missed me. I am relevant, after all. hee~

PS: Forgive the hair. Crazy weather is crazy. I seriously should do something with my hair.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Found Myself Today

Today, I have been plagued with the perpetual dilemma of facing a closet full of clothes but finding nothing to wear. I've been feeling blah and uninspired lately. Perhaps it's due to the weather. Or perhaps I have run out of creative juices and I have been derelict in my duties of doing something to replenish it.

Thankfully, I'm unlike my friends and family who are nearly always wet whenever they go home in the afternoon due to the chronic rainy weather we have been having these past few days. 

I have a love-hate relationship with the rain. I love it during those mundane moments when everyone is at home and something soupy is cooking in the kitchen. I hate it when the rain messes up one's outfit and threatens to drown your house and all the inhabitants inside. 

But the inner turmoil, and perhaps the melancholy, that the gloomy weather evokes are also some of the reasons why I am not in perfect relationship with the rain. It is often a time to reminisce what came and what is no longer here. It is a time when all you ever want is to stay in bed and listen to sad love songs - which is weird since I'm neither loveless nor broken-hearted.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Blog Name

Someone should shoot me for being extremely fickle-minded. I changed my blog name and layout yet again. So yeah, Tea and Dainty here, formerly known as Kathy is Chasing Pavements. 

Suffered a bit of blogging block. And I can't take decent photos what with the crazy rainy weather and my erratic camera. I'm just sharing some of the photos I love. I forgot where I took them. I tend to just save inspirational photos in my computer. But some of the photos are from bloggers Opium Poppies and Tiny Toadstool, i think. If some of the photos are yours, give me a heads-up so I can credit you properly.

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