Saturday, July 30, 2011

Waiting For Someone To Go Out Of His Way For Me

I have it on great authority that when your immune system is down, the blues starts kicking in. It's as if the world has conspired to torture you. You start to develop a severe case of allergic reaction to the universe. You start to wonder why you even bother waking up in the morning.

But then your human instinct finds its way out and you still get off that alluring bed of yours to face the world and all its misfortunes and ugliness head-on. And then you start to read all these positive quotes on whatever social media you are using. This and that philosopher is telling you to stop being such a waste of space, get up and do something productive.

And you wonder why you get the feeling that everyone else has the perfect life.

This is probably why blogging is such a balm to the spirit. Blogging allows you to be vulnerable - to show the side of you that for some reason you have been masking in other social media platforms.

And these days, I wonder why only a meager few are receptive. And why only a few people are attuned to each other.

And you can watch all the protagonist-saves-damsel-in-distress movies and dramas but reality sinks in and bludgeons you with the realization that nobody is going to save you. You have to be your own hero.

I've been sick as a dog since yesterday. And here I was thinking I am safe from all sorts of disease-causing viruses considering I don't go out that much. But apparently, my immune system has not been in its best condition these past few weeks.

This is probably why I am anything but coherent today.


karen said...

kathy kathy kat, cute outfit as usual!
oh, left messages in my cbox... waiting for replies! miss you!

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