Friday, October 29, 2010

I Need A Bicycle To Chase Pavements

I collect pretty bicycle photos. I forgot where I got these photos so I don't know who to credit. Let me know if these are yours. 

I want to buy my own bicycle probably next month. Preferably one with low seat and a wicker basket on the front. I'd wear yellow cardigan, faded denim shorts, floral top and brown loaders. I'd probably wear a hat too! Asian-drama much?
Unbeknownst to even my closest friends, I actually don't know how to ride a bike. Yes,  I have a depraved childhood. Plus, I have coordination and balance issues, which, as you probably know, is greatly needed when riding a bike. But I'm sure I can conquer that just like how I've conquered CSS! ha! 

If you noticed, the former Thrifting and Tokyo has undergone some major changes...err an overhaul, actually. Welcome to the newly renovated Kathy is Chasing Pavements!

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