Sunday, August 21, 2011

Old Soul, Young Body

There is something so cathartic about wearing vintage clothes. Especially colorful vintage clothes. It is almost like reading a book - if the need to escape creeps up on you, this is the perfect antidote.

These days I find myself wearing more dotted garments, long skirts, oxford shoes, high-waisted bottoms and cinched dresses just to get that vintage vibe. I'm an old soul like that.

This outfit is a little inspired by Lee Gyu Won's outfits in You've Fallen For Me, aka Heartstrings. She's a vintage soul as well.

You've Fallen For Me doesn't have the most profound story but the chemistry between the two lead characters was so palpable, you can't help but really feel for them. They are so cute together, you'll turn into milktoast. If you have watched You're Beautiful and you think their love story needs a continuation, this is the continuation you are looking for.

The drama was supposed to have more than 16 episodes. They aired a special in between the episodes to allow the lead actress a reprieve after being in a car accident. But since the drama did not reach the recommended rating to be granted an extension, the episodes had to be cut short - at 15 episode with the special being the 16th. I blame that on them being in the same time slot as City Hunter's. But you have to give it to City Hunter. They have an awesome, jaw-dropping season ender, you'd be craving for more Yun Seong martial arts moves.

And I have been addicted to T-Ara's Roly Poly lately.

They're so adorably retro. :) And see Eun Jung's blazer in the last photo? I think i have a similar one. But only in brown. hee~ I'm addicted to dots.

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