Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vivi May 2011

Vivi May 2011 is just pure love! Just looking at all those purdy photos, clothes, socks, hats and shoes would suck the stress out of you. So these photos are my favorites. I love how vintage and girly they are.

Seriously, I should stop oggling.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Morning Came Too Soon

The feeling that you get when every cell, every membrane of your body clamors for change - it's uncomfortable. Like a splinter that is too small to be of consequence but creates a kind of pain too nagging to ignore. It's leaving you suspended - hanging somewhere in the balance of things. Just like a car driving in a very dark road where the only things visible are the few paces where the headlights hit. You hang in there and get to your destination inch by inch. Before you know it, the journey's over.

The changes creep in unsuspectingly. In the recesses of your brain, change is rejected because it upsets the balance of your carefully controlled world. But the sage part of you admits that change is inevitable and to fight it is not only futile but also dangerous.

But yes. Change is what we all have to deal with. Chronically.

Maybe it's time I suck it up.

On a completely unrelated note. I joined Chicismo a few days ago and got into the best of the day/week/month picks.

I dub this the fashion site of the underrated. I kid, i kid. A lot of awesome fashion bloggers there. Do check Chicismo out.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I'm too tired to function. But may I just share these photos taken alongside the beach close to our home last Black Saturday. I'm not really the beach type of person. I find the ocean too vast, too unconquerable. So despite us being neighbors to the South China Sea, i rarely step foot there. 

The wind was especially high last Saturday, hence the billowing skirt and messy hair. I found the dying afternoon sun somber and the loud sound of the nearby beach party a little stifling. Oh my moods. They're as unpredictable as the ocean's waves.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where Did Our Youth Go?

I have been feeling down and disheartened these past few days. And I am scared of this becoming a permanent malady. So today, I put on my yellow dress and my comfortable walking shoes and had my fill of pristine air. It's a gentle benediction. 

Also, we saw a bracelet vendor. He customizes them too. I had these inspiring words written down for me to remember:

I plan never to take them off.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Week!

Is there no end to my narcissism? I kid. I was just testing my new PS actions and i figured these photos would make great tests since the background is white and I can see the effects more.

Also, I wasn't going to post this but here you go:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Can't Think Of A Decent Title Because Of This Blasted Toothache

Hello my dear blog readers! I am suffering from intense tooth pain as I write this. I am actually doubting the safety of taking two paracetamols in one day. I mean John Lloyd Cruz didn't exactly tell us how many paracetamols we can take in one day before foams start seeping from our mouth.

I spent the better part of the day with the boifran Myk, buying stuff and scouring the small town proper of my little province. Tragedy struck yesterday and burned most of the town's one and only mall. I guess most of us are just about realizing how incapacitating it is not to have a mall. The stand-alone movie houses shut down when the mall opened their cinemas. And we usually amuse ourselves with arcade games and stuffing food in the mall during boring weekends. But now that the mall is in ruins, we are strangely bereft of a place to hang out. 

To kill time, we visited my old schools which unsurprisingly brought a rush of nostalgia.

This is my old kindergarten school. It's just adjacent to the church. Whenever I pass by this area, I always remember Susie and Geno. They used to be the mascots of the local chocolate milk brand Sustagen. I remember an activity where Susie and Geno visited our small school and gave free drinks. It was nice. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside whenever I remember those days.

And yes, I brought a copy of Mockingjay, the third book to the Hunger Games trilogy. I'm a bit reluctant to read it mainly because I don't want to say goodbye to the characters. But predictably, I still couldn't get my hands and my brain off of it. The story was so singularly engrossing that you'd find yourself in a catatonic state after reading the last part of each book. It's like you need a moment (a moment actually means a few days) to assimilate everything that went on in the book before you actually feel ready to tackle the next part. 

If you haven't read the Hunger Games yet, you are missing out on something big. 

The photos above were taken from my old elementary school. Here's the thing, I studied in catholic schools from Kindergarten to High School. That's pretty much half my life so the teachings and values of catholic life and living have been virtually ingrained in me. That's not to say that I am the epitome of an exemplary christian. Hardly. In fact, I have found myself engaging in one too many religious debates in the past. But we are not going anywhere if we expound more on this topic.

My elementary school was governed by ICM (Immaculati Cordis Mariae) nuns while my high school was run by CICM (Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae) priests. I sincerely hope I got the latin right and did not interchange the two. My memory fails me quite often as of late.

If you were wondering what those numbers on the ground were, they are numbers for the students. If you are practicing for a field demo, placing is crucial. You have to know where you are located. In my elementray days, they didn't use numbers. If I remember it right, we usually relied on wit and memory to figure out where we were supposed to be located. Good thing they came up with a nifty solution like numbers to make things a little easier for the participants. =p

There used to be a lot of horror stories and urban legends about dead nuns walking in the hallways of our old elementary school at night brandishing an old rusty knife. We had this creepy statue in our library. The statue has chains on her feet. Rumor has it that the school administrators chained that statue to prevent it from walking at night. Creepy huh?

And of course, there were the ever-present stories of students being possessed by restless spirits and/or demons. Considering how much of a coward I am now, I wonder how I ever made it through elementary. We had only one restroom and it was located at the farthest end of the school - isolated, dark and very very creepy. It explains why I had a mild case of urinary tract infection when I was younger.

My siblings and I also used to be unbelievably punctual. I even remember going to school while the sun is still shying away and with the earliest mass still being performed.
And oh I forgot to mention, I used to be a choir member when I was in elementary. We'd sing for the 6:00 am Sunday masses. I served the church too when I was in high school. I usually had to fill in the lector or the commentator spot.

So anyway forgive the meager photos. It was deliberate so you wouldn't start thinking this blog reeks of narcissism. And before I scare myself to death relieving school horror stories, I'd end this post now. Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Fifth To Us

It's our fifth year, Michael and I. 

The past five years is a blur. You would think I would remember the most poignant moments. But I actually remember the mundane more - the small talks, the meaningful conversations, the bickering and Myk's annoying habit of nudging my ticklish side. 

Ever since working home-based, I have learned not to count years. Counting years is meaningless. People who spent years being together can fall apart in a matter of seconds, say goodbye and never look back. 

I'm more the "counting moments" type of girl. Not just those one-time, head-over-heels, once-in-a-blue-moon, historical-romance-worthy moments but more on the free-back-rubs, carry-your-bag, treat-you-out-for-some-street-foods, watch-blockbuster-movies, cook-food-for-you moments. These are the moments that I treasure most with Myk. 

Don't get me wrong. Our relationship is anything but perfect. In fact, it is singularly rough on the edges, flawed. But I guess it's really those rough and abrasive moments that polish the imperfections. 

Happy anniversary to my anata, Maikeru! Daisuki <3 <3 <3

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