Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Morning Came Too Soon

The feeling that you get when every cell, every membrane of your body clamors for change - it's uncomfortable. Like a splinter that is too small to be of consequence but creates a kind of pain too nagging to ignore. It's leaving you suspended - hanging somewhere in the balance of things. Just like a car driving in a very dark road where the only things visible are the few paces where the headlights hit. You hang in there and get to your destination inch by inch. Before you know it, the journey's over.

The changes creep in unsuspectingly. In the recesses of your brain, change is rejected because it upsets the balance of your carefully controlled world. But the sage part of you admits that change is inevitable and to fight it is not only futile but also dangerous.

But yes. Change is what we all have to deal with. Chronically.

Maybe it's time I suck it up.

On a completely unrelated note. I joined Chicismo a few days ago and got into the best of the day/week/month picks.

I dub this the fashion site of the underrated. I kid, i kid. A lot of awesome fashion bloggers there. Do check Chicismo out.


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