Friday, March 25, 2011

She Used To Like Many Things And Many People

"Well, I've been afraid of changin' 'cause I built my life around you. But time makes you bolder. Children get older and I'm getting older too..."- Landslide, Dixie Chicks

Funny how everyday seems so mundane and repetitive with your routine running like clockwork and with your same old tasks done in the same old efficient ways. But when you really care to look back, you'd realize many things have changed. 

You'd start to marvel how swiftly and cunningly time sneaked up on you. Without realizing it, you have become an adult - one inundated with problems, responsibilities and expectations. And after a while, you start to figure out that you have changed into the kind of person you have always struggled not to become. 

The paradox of life proves itself right yet again.

I myself have fallen prey to the changes that have a tendency to circumspectly develop. 

For one thing, I no longer drink liters of apple juice like I used to when I was in college. I have since switched to drinking iced tea and milk.

I have fallen apart with friends who used to be steadfast and constant. My katsaridophobia has magnified tenfold. And I constantly find myself wondering what the heck I have seen in former crushes.

As in everything else in this world, I have changed. And change has a way of delving into the marrows of your bones no matter how hard you try to resist it. The big things, the little things - they are bound to be different a few minutes, a few days, a few years from now. Nature, along with time, will run its course.

So I guess it is natural not to want the same things you did when you were younger. It is normal to fall apart with people. But it doesn't mean that the past is irrelevant.

Those moments were real perhaps to your 18-year old self. It was still you - only more foolish, more gullible. Less informed. Less jaded. Less a cynic. 

If you have reached this part of my post, console yourself because you have just wasted a fraction of your time with my endless, not to mention, useless musings. haha! I've been feeling a bit melancholic lately. Melancholic, i stress out. Not lonely. Just a bit on the contemplative mood. 

If I can only pack my bags and catch the earliest flight to join the monks in Tibet, I will. But since I can't, and I am not even sure if they are accepting female monks in Tibet,  I might as well just use my blog to do a bit of soliloquy. 

Anyhoo, this was what I wore this day. It's my i'm-too-lazy-and-too-tired-of-wearing-dresses-to-find-anything-decent-to-wear-today. The pair of trousers is definitely too big for me because it belonged to my mother. 

I know, I know. What was I doing wearing stuff from my mom's closet? Well, the thing is, I have a fetish for anything vintage or taken from older people's closet. They actually have the most well-made clothes. 

What is even better is that the whole ensemble is very comfortable. Even the tassled flats felt comfortable today. 

Wore a low hair bun ala korean style to punctuate the laid-back look of today. And can you see my pink bow earrings? 

The clothes aren't the only agreeable ones today. The weather was good. Neither too hot nor too cold. My kind of weather. :)

So anyway, will be spending tomorrow and most likely the better part of Sunday with my friends! Will post pictures after. :)


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