Friday, March 18, 2011

Grassy Fields and Windows

I want to read historical romance novels like how I did when I was still in high school. I'd finish one book in one sitting, diligently poring over the pages and pages of make-believe love story between a medieval knight/lord and a lady/damsel in distress. 

I want to sing Sara Barreilles love song like there's no tomorrow. I want to stuff my stomach with cancer-inducing street foods until someone accuses me of being a glutton. I want to spend every waking moment of my life with people I love, doing mundane things.

But the problem is, we rarely do get to do and have what we want. Even the most trivial things on our "want" list can often times seem a little elusive. 

And just last week, I wanted to take good photos but I couldn't. 

My idea of a good photo is one taken outdoors. I was feeling a little under the weather and my photographer wasn't in a directing mood so the photos these past few weeks were like blah.

Anyhoo, I actually like overexposed photos. Which is probably why I'm pretty drawn towards SLR photographers. You know, those photographers that still make use of good old films? 

Even their worst overexposed or underexposed photos turn out pretty amazing. I like the quirkiness of it. I like how it cannot be captured again in the same way and in the same form of another photographer. 

I don't claim to be a photographer--just an appreciator of pretty things photographed. And I am lucky I have a boyfriend who never gets tired to get pretty photos of my clothes/outfits. But anyway...

This post is yet again another proof of my fragmented train of thoughts. I really can't keep my thoughts organized to save my life. And ironically, I call myself a writer. 

So anyway, a quick info about this vintage-inspired outfit. Lace top (unbranded), midi skirt (Bread and Butter), loafers and bag (which I managed to wait for the price to lower down so I got it for just 200 php! score!) are all thrifted. I can live in thrift stores and not get bored. T___T. What is wrong with me? T___T. 

Thrift finds simply have more character than new clothes, don't you think? Plus, you'll get to contribute to the preservation of Mother Nature because all those pretty clothes will not go to waste. :)


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

it is okay to share your train of thoughts with us though! I had fun reading through it. You're an interesting person and I like interesting people. What a beautiful outfit this is too. It doesn't look too over exposed. It looks pretty.

Kathy Is Chasing Pavements said...

hi Victoria! glad to know someone actually likes what I am posting :D. Thanks for visiting my blog again! :)

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