Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Love The Holidays!

Only a few more hours before Christmas 2010 ends. Funny how time speeds up while you are desperately trying to catch up. It's just a few days shy of 2011. Are you all done creating a resolution list?

I'm not really a firm believer of New Year's resolutions--at least not the whole making a resolution list concept. No amount of lists can change a person not willing to make the necessary changes. While I have a close affinity to words, actions still scream the loudest.

Since we are already on the subject of change and resolution, I might as well dish about the numerous things I would like to accomplish come the year 2011. I would like to be a circumspect overachiever in terms of career. Maybe venture out on my own in affiliate writing or anything that can give me passive income. Yes. Unlike other people who are probably trying to tweak their mindset in becoming a lot more hardworking, patient and diligent next year, I am actually contemplating on getting myself more free time without sacrificing financial independence.

Thankfully, I have learned quite enough about SEO blogging that I probably can start a niche blog that I can squeeze in all in a day's work. /crossing my fingers

I also do want to get in touch with my inner sports girl. If not actually engaging in official sports activities, then perhaps doing physical activities that can actually lessen the multitude of cellulite and fats that threaten to surface because of prolonged sedentary lifestyle.

The idea of a BV-free lifestyle is also quite appealing. That being said, I will stay away from people whose frequent mood changes infect like a flu virus.

I have a lot more things I want to do, change and accomplish come next year. I'll probably take on that list-making challenge, what with my case of juvenile senescence.

Shifting gears, wore this outfit to Michael's annual family reunion. You'll rarely see me in tight-fitting jeans right now. I don't like how it tends to cut off my legs' blood circulation, in addition to it squeezing my thighs and making it look like a holiday rice cake wrapped in banana leaf. But today, I'm making a case for this pair of jeans.

It's actually a hand-me-down from my Aunt's wardrobe (the perks of having a lot of female relatives). Completed the look with the 65-php beanie me and Michael chanced upon while shopping for gifts, the thrifted bag my sister waited for weeks for the price to go down rock bottom, the old woman's thrifted top I got about two weeks ago and the clogs-like pumps I got from eBay.

 tasseled and studded thrifted bag

matchy matchy studded shoes with removable clasp
Outfit details:
top - sampaguita, thrifted
jeans - Freego
belt - thrifted
bag - Rastars&, thrifted
shoes - eBay


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