Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Christmas Rush

Greetings from Kathy is Chasing Pavements. Please excuse the tired and pale face. I'm exhausted and disheveled from a day of last-minute Christmas shopping and gift wrapping. I had to do an obligatory outfit photo.

I discarded my blue cardigan and removed my ballet flats. Removed my accessories too.

Christmas is totes stressful for adults. Finding gifts for guys is nothing short of challenging. Most clothes available in department stores look the same to me. They are either stripes, checkered, vectored or plain. I swear my eyes had trouble discerning the differences in colors!

And in the next few weeks, I have to deal with a myriad of events including an upcoming reunion and my 25th birthday in January. Sob! Turning 25 eh? And to top it all off, I'm feeling a little under the weather again. The flu virus is re-awakening! Logging off now to get a bit of rest. Work's going to be hectic again until the 23rd. Wish me luck!

outfit details:
over-alls: Jokey gal, thrifted
tank top: unbranded from a local department store

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