Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'll Excuse You While You Go And Retrieve Your Wits And Your Manners

A lot of people are afraid to tell the truth - to say "no". That's where toughness comes into play. Toughness is not being a bully. It's having a backbone. 

- Robert Kiyosaki

In the past few months, I found myself spending more time in the blogging world than in social networking websites like Facebook. Countless of times I have considered stripping down my account or going into a temporary hiatus or removing friends I don't really know IRL. But Facebook, slight and prejudice aside, is one of the inexpensive ways I can catch up on the goings-on of my tight social circle. So I held on.

Lately, I have been receiving a few alerts on a certain Facebook group I am a part of. And I have been reading quite a lot of vicious conjectures and joking remarks about a certain friend of mine. He is not actually a very close friend, per se. But he is one of the few people I understand deep down and one of the few people who share my penchant for poetic melancholy.

It is clear from the posts I have read that he is being made fun of. But knowing him, I'm sure he'd just shrug it off. If I were in his position, I'd probably be stark raving mad right now. Jokes are funny--until you become the recipient.

The problem with social networking sites right now is that people think they can say whatever they want to say because they are upholding their right to express their own opinion. They think they can talk crap and shit about you and get away with it. It's amusing, actually. I don't pity my friend because I know he can hold his own. I pity the people who make fun of him. It's been like what? 5, 6 or 7 years already? In all those seven years, haven't they learned a thing about simple kindness? Or simple consideration?

There's also this simple thing called tact. It's not rocket science. Trust me, this won't put a kink to your machismo. 

I'm sorry if I sound like a self-righteous bitch. But hey, this is my blog so I can talk about anything I want. But don't worry, I still have standards to live up to. I just tend to champion the mocked, the underdogs, the wallflowers because I have been one myself. I have been there. Believe me, It's not pretty.

For the record,  I'm not claiming to be starkly devoid of prejudice. I judge. In fact, I'm judging you right now. But I judge when it is my right to judge. And if i am not given such a privilege, I keep my thoughts in private, or in constant check so I won't end up hurting anyone. I have trained my tongue not to wag relentlessly and needlessly. I miss occasionally, but contrition is a part of my vocabulary.

I guess it's just simple maturity. It's a simple upgrade brought about by years of being harnessed in school and hours of being the underdog at work.

If you have something to say, say it. But you have to understand that there's always a better way of saying things. Don't just push and shove people out of your way because you think you are better than them. Besides, what made you think your opinion is worth more than his opinion? Conceited much?

To my friend (I still refuse to name you but I'll let you know that this is you I'm talking about), just continue being a pillar of strength. Someday, they'll come to terms with the fact that you are a force to be reckoned with. You go right ahead and ignore them.

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Anonymous said...

i like this post..some things cleared up..thanks kat.. :)

lene here :)

Anonymous said...

karma's a bitch... it'll go around.. hehehe -jojo

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