Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hair <3 I wish my hair is as pretty as theirs :'( I have to wait for my old hair color to grow out a bit.

Anyway, have you ever heard the song "Whip my hair" (or is it Whip your hair??) by Will Smith's daughter (I forgot her name, too tired to google it--is there even a point to my rambling??)? It was kind of a frustration for me to do decent hair whipping. To begin with, I'm physically awkward. Apparently, I was out sleeping somewhere when God rained gracefulness. I don't even have a decent walk. I blame this mostly on my indulgence of sedentary activities.

I heard Will Smith's daughter hurt her neck during the shoot for her music video. I tried doing the whip my hair thing and I had a mild case of neck pain the next day. I swear, this video should be outlawed! haha, I kid. The most decent hair whipping I have ever seen was done by Britney S. Pears, not the pop singer, but the one from Glee. She did this hair whipping thing when they had to do a hairography number. That was in season 1, i think. So anyway, since then, I've had crazy fantasies of having long blond hair and doing kick-ass hair whipping. 

Apparently there is no point to this blog post. haha! But please forgive me. I am barely coherent. It's the middle of the week and the weekend can't get any nearer.

PS: If these are your photos, do let me know so I can credit you. :)


Anonymous said...

her name is willow... hehehhe.. -jojo

Kathy said...

Willow! haha. how could I have forgotten? haha. parang yung tree lang sa HP. haha.

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