Wednesday, May 11, 2011

After The Reprieve From The Heat

The ever-growing collection of lace clothes is...ever-growing. I'm not even joking. When my sister thrifts, she comes home with one or two lace clothing. I do too. So what do you do with those grandma-looking lace garments? You wear them, of course. 

Myk said this is my Kate Middleton outfit. hoho. 

Anyhow, this is just a quick post. Accompanied Myk to the eye doctor earlier. The heat, oh gawd the heat, was so intense you can really die from heat stroke. 

Stuffed ourselves with junk. And tried tasting Pocari Sweat (insert Pocari sweat melody from the commercial). Eyed some of the brands of soya milk at 7/11. I immediately thought of that black guy in Proposal Daisakusen that beat Ken to the last bottle of soya milk - the soya milk that Rei, his love interest, requested.

I'm blabbing, i know.


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