Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

Do i look as sick as I felt when this photo was taken? Thankfully, I'm feeling much better now. I still feel a bit of aching twinges here and there but they are no longer as incapacitating and as significant as before.

So this is the part where I heave a long sigh.

I'm so thankful to Myk's family's hospitality. They've been nothing short of gracious to me in the past few weeks. I'm using Myk's place again as the location for my shoot for this outfit.

So anyway, let me tell you more about this outfit. Nearly everything I was wearing in these photos was thrifted. I got the floral vest last year. It was a tad pricier but I think it was worth it. I have to say, my closet is now full of floral pieces.And it has just occurred to me that my closet suddenly resembles a veritable garden!

A few years ago, the idea of wearing anything with floral prints was totally unwelcome to me. I love flowers and girly stuff but a huge part of the reason why I didn't like it before was because I didn't want to be tagged as the female version of Lito Atienza. /hoho. But now, I couldn't care less.

I paired this vest up with a pair of pastel-colored shorts and a  lace top. I was dying to put something colorful so there you go. 

thrifted bag and scarf


Outfit details:

floral vest - Max & Co, thrifted
lace top - unbranded, thrifted
shorts - Wear-Abouts, thrifted
belt - from sister's closet :D
shoes - from my friend Tina's online shop


Feathers said...
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Feathers said...

I love this whole outfit, it's absolutely adorable! Great thrifting finds, and I love the floral print.


Kathy Is Chasing Pavements said...

Thanks for the lovely comment Stephanie! I love thrifting and luckily I stumble upon the most adorable items. :)

Great blog, by the way. Following you. ^^

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