Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Hope We Shall Drink Down All Unkindness

I'm pretty sure some people harbor negative impressions about me. That's the thing about being human. We tend to put labels on virtually everything. And I can bet my new, currently-released 50-peso bill that I have been labeled an airhead countless of times.

I'm not really in the habit of explaining myself to other people, particularly those people who have already made up their minds not to like me regardless of what I say or what I do, but to somehow reinforce that I actually do have a semblance of competent cranial ability hidden somewhere inside me, I made this blog.

Really. This is more than just a style blog, made to display my face to humor the public in dire need of a diversion. I try to have some serious wit embedded in my posts too. I hope I haven't failed in that regard.

I guess what this aimless introduction is really saying is that 'what you see isn't always what you get'. Just because I have a penchant for dressing up and buying cutesy and pretty things does not mean I am shallow. I can be deep too if you just bother to go beyond the veneer.

How I hate caviling over trifles.

So moving on.

I would like to introduce you this vintage dress. It was originally an ankle-length vintage dress. I had it altered last year and I have been meaning to wear it but for some reason, i developed a mild dislike for its ink-splattered print. I thought it was a little tacky. However, I am in love with its hem. I always have a thing for tulle hems!

I borrowed the sheer top from my sister's closet (w/o permission, i know!). And now you can't see so much of the ugly print. haha!

The photos are kinda repetitive, i know. And I have been wearing the same footwear for three consecutive looks now. I'm not really such a huge fan of heels, what with my inherent clumsiness and all. However, this pair is actually quite comfortable. And I am using it sort of as my 'training wheels' so i can begin wearing more dangerous-looking heels without falling flat on my face.

Outfit details:
vintage dress - Persuasion, thrifted
sheer top - borrowed
bag - thrifted
shoes - eBay


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