Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Aria Montgomery

What I wore in today's Sunday mass. This is my Aria Montgomery-inspired outfit. Since The Vampire Diaries (along with other series) is on a winter hiatus, I had to quench my thirst for a good series, hence the Pretty Little Liars marathon. The series was so good I finished it in just a little short of two days.

The story revolves around the lives of 5 high school girls - Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Alison. One unfortunate night, Alison went missing while she and the other 4 girls were having a drinking session. A year later, her body was found buried in their old home. But there is doubt as to her real death since a person known as "A" kept on sending messages to the other 4 girls and revealing their secrets.

I love Aria Montgomery's wardrobe. She has a sophisti-goth kind of style. You'll usually see her in a dress, blazer, booties/boots and chandelier earrings.

The Church is packed with families like you wouldn't believe. I virtually had to squeeze, shove and nudge my way inside and outside. For a moment I actually thought there's going to be a stampede.

I'm not really an avid church-goer, at least not anymore. Not since I have grown to moderately loathe the hypocrisy of the things I see around. How can others concentrate on the good words of God when people are walking down the aisle, children are running to and fro, old people are gossiping and babies are crying? Seriously, there is much to be desired about the solemnity of Sunday masses these days. I much prefer the quiet solace of our high school chapel. I used to go there after lunch break when I was still in school. It was the one place I can take a reprieve from the noise around me and inside me.

It's no fun dressing up when you go to church because you earn weird stares that literally translate to "why is she dressed like that?" In the fashion world, what I was wearing this morning is not exactly out of the ordinary. It's a pretty safe outfit, ask anyone. But where I live, it's more than a little flashy. Blame that on the modest take of people to style. I wish others can step up to their fashion plate up a little so I wouldn't stand out so much. But then, different is good, right?

Shifting gears, I can't believe I'm just two weeks shy of 25. I haven't even planned anything yet! Drat! T__T

Outfit details:

dress: thrifted (wearing shorts underneath)
blazer: B+
oxfords: online shop


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