Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sky Full Of Lighters

You start to realize, that moment when you stare at your reflection in the mirror, that you have gained a bazzillion pounds. You start to itemize the stuff you have been eating and try to figure out who the nitwit have been forcing you to eat them. You start to arrive at the conclusion that it was all you. You and your self-confessed obsession for gluttony. And you start to berate yourself and talk about the million of reasons why you should stay in shape. 

A few minutes later, your hands are reaching for that tasty burger. And you curse that person who invented the word diet. And you curse yourself more for caring.

Shameless. Shameless. Your lack of self-control is nothing short of shameful.

How I wish the weather isn't so temperamental. One minute the sun is attempting to roast you alive and the other minute, it is trying to bathe you. Tropical countries have the most unpredictable weathers. One lives on tenterhooks on what sort of weather is going to greet you in the morning. 

Anyhow, I would just like to solicit a few good lucks. I signed up for two full time work. I know that sounds a bit daunting but wait till you hear that I also have one part-time work. I'll also be tutoring. What this basically means is that I will be working my butt off in the next coming weeks. I'm pretty sure I'm biting off more than I can chew but what the hey! It's all in the mind. I'll be chugging energy drinks like crazy. :'((


karen said...

haha, energy drinks. let's have an energy drink session once, lol!

claradevi said...

Beautiful, thank you for the sweet support on my grandmother's story - it just means a lot :)
First I have to say you are THE CUTEST ever on the black tutu skirt and leather shoes.. and second, goodluck with the tough schedule.
You'd make it fine!
Have a fancy day, sunshine <3


Reg Rodriguez said...

i can so relate to having a hard time dieting! why must food be so good? :( good luck with your 3 jobs dear!


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