Thursday, March 31, 2011

We Are Friends. We Will Always Be Friends.

This weekend-only blogger is posting on a Thursday. Hurray for me! I wanted to post these photos and maybe try to cheer my friend, Karen, up in the process. 

Karen is going through a rough patch lately and I am at a loss as to how to be of some use to her. I figured I'd just share this snippet from one of my favorite historical romance books, Love in the Afternoon when the heroine, Beatrix, was talking about a three-legged cat named Lucky to the hero's Earl grandfather:

   "Why did you name her Lucky?" Annandale asked.

   "I hoped it would change her fortunes."

   "And did it?"

   "Well, she's sitting in the lap of an earl, isn't she?" Beatrix pointed out, and Annandale laughed outright. 

   He touched the cat's remaining paw. "She is fortunate to have been able to adapt."

   "She is determined," Beatrix said. "You should have seen the poor thing, not long after the amputation. She kept trying to walk on the missing leg, or jump down from a chair, and she would stumble and lose her balance. But one day, she woke up and seemed to have accepted the fact that the leg was gone for good. And she became nearly as agile as before." She added significantly, "The trick was forgetting about what she had lost...and learning to go on with what she had left."

It takes time to get over tribulations. Everything might not be easy but there is a reason why you are a stronger person now, Karen. 

I still remember our St. Genevieve days when that blasted teacher's table nearly broke my hand. While I was writhing in agony, you were there, teary-eyed and worried about my increasingly swelling hand. And you accompanied me to the school clinic. And I had to go to the excruciating task of explaining the details of the mishap to the school principal. 

And I remember when you weren't able to finish your dozen or so Sulating Pormal. And I was there to write it for you. And you let me, although you knew I suck as a writer.

You know we're going to stick with you, right? Others might come and go, but here we are. As steadfast and as stable as always no matter how many days of not seeing each other can go by.

Waaah! I love my friends to bits which is why I'm turning into a sentimental idiot. I can't imagine my world without them. I have since limited my social circle - getting in touch only with my closest friends. I'm not shunning acquaintances away or letting go of the opportunity of meeting new people that might turn out to have a huge contribution to my life but I'm just trying to keep things simple. I'm trying to hold on to what is really important.

So anyways, since I have been suffering from a differnet case of senioritis (me feeling old what with all my cousins, who I used to baby sit in the past, are now graduating from school), I figured I might as well give a tribute to my 12-year friendship streak with these people:

contrived photo

 This is the reason why they call the place El Grotto

Before heading home, we decided to split the leftovers. haha! We got the boon since we were the ones who didn't leave early.

That be me worming (or swimming) my way towards the end of the pool whilst hanging on the edges for dear life. I can't swim which was why Myk tormented me to no end the previous night!


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