Saturday, February 26, 2011

Everything's Peachy. Pun Intended.

The leaves had a wonderful frolic
They danced to the wind's loud song
They whirled, and they floated, and scampered
They circled and flew along

I am facing the monumental predicament of not knowing what to blog about. But the problem with me is that I'm such a sucker for conversations. Whether it's with someone I am completely comfortable with or just plain conversing with my blog readers, I can go on and on about the most mundane things. 

I'm more than a little irked with my camera lately. It's been taking pretty grainy photos. And I look sickly in all of them. Of course I shouldn't be blaming my camera if I don't take great photos. But still. It's  close to that time of the month when I'm a little hormonal and I always end up blaming something or someone for even the most trifling problems. T__T.

Since I haven't been feeling, not to mention looking, spectacular lately, I wanted to don something purdy. I thought it's about time I wear this peachy cardigan with its rose and floral details. It has been sitting in my closet for quite some time now. 

Since most of my photos are a bit grainy, I decided to emphasize the grain by adding a bit of noise. It turned out quite well, methinks. :)

I wore a lot of flowers the day these photos were taken. My post-valentine post. hurhur. 

I'm forced to listen to my brother's friends' videoke-ing(yes I'm inventing this word) as I write this. And seriously, nobody can think with all the noise so I might as well end this completely useless post. haha. 

PS: From neck to feet, everything is thrifted (except for the accessories). Yes, I'm the queen of thrift now. Kill me.


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