Saturday, November 6, 2010

For The Roses

Greetings dear readers! As you might have noticed (or maybe not and I am taking this opportunity to inform you because I'm annoying like that), I've had a bit of hairstyle evolution. So yeah, I've been meaning to change hair color since last year but I had to wait for my inverted bob to grow. I'm not too crazy about the color. I think the hairdresser didn't do a great job copying the hair color I really wanted. I think the top got a bit too light and the bottom is just not that noticeable. I'm an albino nao! T___T.

*insert long sigh* But you know me...If there are quirks, I will surely embrace them. I'll probably sport this hair color until my friend Jemalyn comes home in January and drags me back to the salon to spend some moolah.

I recently downloaded a workout video. haha! I've been gaining lbs like crazy. And I needed the extra boost of blood circulation too. I probably have anemia or something. 

Me and Michael had a small shopping expedition earlier (him scouting for a new guitar and me scouting for...anything nice). Just when I thought I'd end this day without spending anything, I saw a polka-dotted light blue skirt. I just had to have it! I'm consoling myself with the idea that I haven't really spent anything on clothes in the past 2 months. hehe :). I'm spending a lot on books though. Just recently, me and my sister completed Lisa Kleypas' Hathaway series. I'm such a sucker for regency romance. I know! Shoot me!

So anyway, hoping to hear from you guys as well. But no haterade please! Send me some love <3


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