Saturday, November 13, 2010


In a typical dasa-kawaii look, one can wear socks with a pair of formal or trendy shoes. As you know, wearing socks was hardly runway-worthy in the past. You wear it with sneakers or a pair of mary janes when you go to school. But today, you can pair it with sky-high heels, wedges, loafers or even oxfords. 

Quick Trivia: Dasa-kawaii came from the Japanese words Dasaii and Kawaii - two incongruous terms. Dasaii means unstylish or terrible looking ('baduy' in our vernacular). Kawaii is the opposite, directly translated as cute. 

I used to think I am confused when it comes to my fashion palate and preference. Having donned this ensemble today, I have pretty much removed all doubt. 

I have another pair of this same style of oxfords but in black. I tend to buy things in different colors especially when I know I can pair it up with a lot of outfits. The black one killed me the first time I wore it. I did a lot of walking that day though so i couldn't really put all the blame to it. Surprisingly, the brown pair was more comfortable--that or my feet have suddenly developed a taste for constricting footwear.

I bought the faux straw hat for only 50 PHP (1 USD). I snipped off the tacky mesh fringe and got myself a makeshift can can hat! The price for can can hats has ridiculously soared since it became a popular fashion accessory. There was a time when it was only considered a part of British/Australian high school uniform.

I wish I can wear dasa-kawaii outfits all the time without garnering awkward stares which I honestly think translates to "what the heck is she wearing?". But whatever. Dressing up is all about making yourself feel better. And if feeling better means not being one of those who succumb to the commonplace, by all means I'd be the odd-man-out-who-gets-awkward-stares forever.

Anyway, I spent my afternoon with my boyfriend, Michael. After eating a hefty late lunch, my stomach suddenly waged war. We went home early and spent the rest of the afternoon learning new songs to play on the guitar. I *think* i'll make a cover soon. Hint: something country. something Taylor Swift. haha!

That's all for today. Do let me know what you think. Comments, e-mail are welcome. Goodnight world~!


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